Coaching Tips
​​​​​​​How to Correct Players Errors

There are two types of playing errors that your players can make. Learning errors and playing errors.

  • Learning errors occur when players don't know how to perform a skill.
  • Performance errors occur when players make mistakes in trying to execute a skill.

Quite often it's not easy to tell which error a player has made. However, if you have detailed knowledge of your playing squad it will help you determine whether they are simple making performance errors or they need more techninical development.

If your players make learning errors, you should make a note of these as you observe your team during game time and then plan your sessions around these observations.

Remember, game time is not the time to teach new skills.
On the other hand, if your players are making performance errors, you can help them correct these during the game. Players who generally make performance errors do so because they have a lapse in concentration and switch off momentarily.

In this instance, a word of encouragement to concentrate may help out.

Keep scanning the pitch while you are watching a game, if you know your playing squad well you will be able to see any lapses in concentration.

Don't focus on where the ball is ensure that you keep everyone concentrated on the game.
In terms of giving feedback to players during the game, there are two schools of thought, one suggests that you give feedback in quiet and positive manner at the next break, the other is that you get the instructions out on to the pitch.

Don't forget though that there is no substitute for knowing playing squad and what to say at the right time, this the key to effective coaching.